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T.11.3 Editing Format Information

There are two ways to alter the formatting information for a formatted text file: with keyboard commands, and with the mouse.

The easiest way to add properties to your document is with the Text Properties menu. You can get to this menu in two ways: from the Edit menu in the menu bar (use F10 e t if you have no mouse), or with C-Mouse-2 (hold the CTRL key and press the middle mouse button). There are also keyboard commands described in the following section.

Most of the items in the Text Properties menu lead to other submenus. These are described in the sections that follow. Some items run commands directly:

Remove Face Properties
Delete from the region all the text properties that the Text Properties menu works with (facemenu-remove-face-props).

Remove All
Delete all text properties from the region (facemenu-remove-all).

List Properties
List all the text properties of the character following point (list-text-properties-at).

Display Faces
Display a list of all the defined faces (list-faces-display).

Display Colors
Display a list of all the defined colors (list-colors-display).

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