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TUI overview

The TUI has two display modes that can be switched while GDB runs:

In the TUI mode, GDB can display several text window on the terminal:

This window is the GDB command window with the GDB prompt and the GDB outputs. The GDB input is still managed using readline but through the TUI. The command window is always visible.
The source window shows the source file of the program. The current line as well as active breakpoints are displayed in this window. The current program position is shown with the `>' marker and active breakpoints are shown with `*' markers.
The assembly window shows the disassembly output of the program.
This window shows the processor registers. It detects when a register is changed and when this is the case, registers that have changed are highlighted.

The source, assembly and register windows are attached to the thread and the frame position. They are updated when the current thread changes, when the frame changes or when the program counter changes. These three windows are arranged by the TUI according to several layouts. The layout defines which of these three windows are visible. The following layouts are available:

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