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This is, the FTP server of the the GNU project.

NOTICE (Updated December 18 2018):

FSF public IP addresses are changing between December 20 and January 7th

If you have hardcoded the IP address of any GNU/FSF servers in those
ranges in any code or configuration files, they will need to be
updated. If you refer to our servers by their DNS name, such as
"", then that will continue to work.  You should use the DNS name
wherever possible.

There is a chance this change may temporarily cause some of the email we
send to change its spam score. If you receive email from our servers,
please check your spam email box and if you see any email from us there,
please mark it as not spam so that your email provider will not see it
as spam in the future.

When? Most IP addresses will change on December 20-21. For machines
where the IP change requires coordination with parties outside the FSF,
such as volunteer administered machines, the old and new addresses will
work simultaneously until January 7th, when the old IP may be removed at
any time. If you think we might need to coordinate with you and we
haven't contacted you yet, please email

We expect all machines to keep the last number of their IPv4 address and
the last 80 bits of their IPv6 address.

On IPv4, we are changing from

And for IPv6, from

So, for example will change from
and from

(Updated October 13 2017):

Because of security concerns with plaintext protocols, we still
intend to disable the FTP protocol for downloads on this server
(downloads would still be available over HTTP and HTTPS), but we
will not be doing it on November 1, 2017, as previously announced
here. We will be sharing our reasons and offering a chance to
comment on this issue soon; watch this space for details.

If you maintain scripts used to access over FTP,
we strongly encourage you to change them to use HTTPS instead.


Comments, suggestions, problems and complaints should be reported via
email to ''.

gnu/		Contains GNU programs and documents that we develop for the GNU
		system (or pointers on where to get the programs, if we don't
		keep the files here).  These are programs that fit the
		definition of GNU software at:

old-gnu/	Older versions of GNU software.

non-gnu/	We distribute some non-GNU programs through our FTP server, or
		provide pointers to where they are.  We put these
		programs/pointers in this directory since they are not
		developed by the GNU project. They are, of course, part of
		the GNU system. See:

third-party	Contains GNU software that has been modified by third
		parties.  We don't necessarily know the specifics of
		what these modifications do or how these modified versions
		work.  We provide this directory as a service to GNU users
		who might find these modifications useful.

iso		Contains bootable CD images (ISO9660) of a development
		snapshot of the Debian GNU/Hurd complete operating system.

ls-lrR.txt.gz	The output of `ls -lrR' run from this directory. This can
		be used to see what files are here. This is a gzip'ed version of the file.

lpf.README	A description of where to find information on the League for
		Programming Freedom, since this information is not kept here 

There are also .sig files, which contain detached GPG signatures of the above
files, automatically signed by the same script that generates them.

You can verify the signatures for gnu project files with the keyring file from:

In a directory with the keyring file, the source file to verify and the
signature file, the command to use is:

  $ gpg --verify --keyring ./gnu-keyring.gpg foo.tar.xz.sig 

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