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clispsh.tar.z     Turn CLISP programs into normal Unix executables.
                  This package is now obsolete, use clisp-1997-05-03 or newer.

idescribe.tar.gz  A DESCRIBE and INSPECT based on GCL documentation.
                  Uses the regexp module.
                  Courtesy of Raymond Toy.

inpect[12].lsp.gz 2 different inplementations of INSPECT.
                  These packages are obsolete since CLISP 2.25 (2001-03-15)

manual.tar.gz     The CLISP documentation in LaTeX and Postscript form, for
                  easy printing and easy reading.
                  Put together by Olivier Nicole.

metering.lisp.gz  Originally from:
                  Now at:
                  Answers the following questions:
                   A. How many times a particular function is called?
                   B. How much time it takes to run each function?

trees.tar.gz      A program for visualizing tree structures.
                  Pierpaolo Bernardi 

with-wish.tar.gz  An interface between CLISP and wish, the Tcl/Tk interpreter.
                  By Matthias Lindner 

xterm.tar.z       Uses xterm's Tek window to display pixel graphics

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