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21.8 Special Events

Special events are handled at a very low level--as soon as they are read. The read-event function processes these events itself, and never returns them.

Events that are handled in this way do not echo, they are never grouped into key sequences, and they never appear in the value of last-command-event or (this-command-keys). They do not discard a numeric argument, they cannot be unread with unread-command-events, they may not appear in a keyboard macro, and they are not recorded in a keyboard macro while you are defining one.

These events do, however, appear in last-input-event immediately after they are read, and this is the way for the event's definition to find the actual event.

The events types iconify-frame, make-frame-visible and delete-frame are normally handled in this way. The keymap which defines how to handle special events--and which events are special--is in the variable special-event-map (see section 22.6 Active Keymaps).

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