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L. Commands for Fixing Typos

In this chapter we describe the commands that are especially useful for the times when you catch a mistake in your text just after you have made it, or change your mind while composing text on the fly.

The most fundamental command for correcting erroneous editing is the undo command, C-x u or C-_. This command undoes a single command (usually), a part of a command (in the case of query-replace), or several consecutive self-inserting characters. Consecutive repetitions of C-_ or C-x u undo earlier and earlier changes, back to the limit of the undo information available. See section D.4 Undoing Changes, for more information.

L.1 Killing Your Mistakes  Commands to kill a batch of recently entered text.
L.2 Transposing Text  Exchanging two characters, words, lines, lists...
L.3 Case Conversion  Correcting case of last word entered.
L.4 Checking and Correcting Spelling  Apply spelling checker to a word, or a whole file.

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