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D. Basic Editing Commands

We now give the basics of how to enter text, make corrections, and save the text in a file. If this material is new to you, you might learn it more easily by running the Emacs learn-by-doing tutorial. To use the tutorial, run Emacs and type Control-h t (help-with-tutorial).

To clear the screen and redisplay, type C-l (recenter).

D.1 Inserting Text  Inserting text by simply typing it.
D.2 Changing the Location of Point  How to move the cursor to the place where you want to change something.
D.3 Erasing Text  Deleting and killing text.
D.4 Undoing Changes  Undoing recent changes in the text.
D.5 Files  Visiting, creating, and saving files.
D.6 Help  Asking what a character does.
D.7 Blank Lines  Commands to make or delete blank lines.
D.8 Continuation Lines  Lines too wide for the screen.
D.9 Cursor Position Information  What page, line, row, or column is point on?
D.10 Numeric Arguments  Numeric arguments for repeating a command.
D.11 Repeating a Command  A short-cut for repeating the previous command.

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