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T.5 Filling Text

Filling text means breaking it up into lines that fit a specified width. Emacs does filling in two ways. In Auto Fill mode, inserting text with self-inserting characters also automatically fills it. There are also explicit fill commands that you can use when editing text leaves it unfilled. When you edit formatted text, you can specify a style of filling for each portion of the text (see section T.11 Editing Formatted Text).

T.5.1 Auto Fill Mode  Auto Fill mode breaks long lines automatically.
T.5.2 Refill Mode  Keeping paragraphs filled.
T.5.3 Explicit Fill Commands  Commands to refill paragraphs and center lines.
T.5.4 The Fill Prefix  Filling paragraphs that are indented or in a comment, etc.
T.5.5 Adaptive Filling  How Emacs can determine the fill prefix automatically.

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