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W.3 Merging Files with Emerge

It's not unusual for programmers to get their signals crossed and modify the same program in two different directions. To recover from this confusion, you need to merge the two versions. Emerge makes this easier. See also M.9 Comparing Files, for commands to compare in a more manual fashion, and section `Top' in The Ediff Manual.

W.3.1 Overview of Emerge  How to start Emerge. Basic concepts.
W.3.2 Submodes of Emerge  Fast mode vs. Edit mode. Skip Prefers mode and Auto Advance mode.
W.3.3 State of a Difference  You do the merge by specifying state A or B for each difference.
W.3.4 Merge Commands  Commands for selecting a difference, changing states of differences, etc.
W.3.5 Exiting Emerge  What to do when you've finished the merge.
W.3.6 Combining the Two Versions  How to keep both alternatives for a difference.
W.3.7 Fine Points of Emerge  Misc.

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