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AC.28 Hyperlinking and Navigation Features

Various modes documented elsewhere have hypertext features so that you can follow links, usually by clicking Mouse-2 on the link or typing RET while point is on the link. Info mode, Help mode and the Dired-like modes are examples. The Tags facility links between uses and definitions in source files, see W.2 Tags Tables. Imenu provides navigation amongst items indexed in the current buffer, see U.2.3 Imenu. Info-lookup provides mode-specific lookup of definitions in Info indexes, see U.6 Documentation Lookup. Speedbar maintains a frame in which links to files, and locations in files are displayed, see P.9 Making and Using a Speedbar Frame.

Other non-mode-specific facilities described in this section enable following links from the current buffer in a context-sensitive fashion.

AC.28.1 Following URLs  Following URLs.
AC.28.2 Activating URLs  Activating URLs.
AC.28.3 Finding Files and URLs at Point  Finding files etc. at point.
AC.28.4 Finding Function and Variable Definitions  Finding function and variable definitions.

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