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AD.2.2 Easy Customization Interface

A convenient way to find the user option variables that you want to change, and then change them, is with M-x customize. This command creates a customization buffer with which you can browse through the Emacs user options in a logically organized structure, then edit and set their values. You can also use the customization buffer to save settings permanently. (Not all Emacs user options are included in this structure as of yet, but we are adding the rest.)

The appearance of the example buffers in the following is typically different under a window system where faces can be used to indicate the active fields and other features.

AD.2.2.1 Customization Groups  How options are classified in a structure.
AD.2.2.2 Changing an Option  How to edit a value and set an option.
AD.2.2.3 Customizing Faces  How to edit the attributes of a face.
AD.2.2.4 Customizing Specific Items  Making a customization buffer for specific options, faces, or groups.

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