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G.7 Help Mode Commands

Help buffers provide the same commands as View mode (see section M.10 Miscellaneous File Operations), plus a few special commands of their own.

Scroll forward.
Scroll backward. On some keyboards, this key is known as BS or backspace.
Follow a cross reference at point.
Move point forward to the next cross reference.
Move point back to the previous cross reference.
Follow a cross reference that you click on.

When a command name (see section Running Commands by Name) or variable name (see section AD.2 Variables) appears in the documentation, it normally appears inside paired single-quotes. You can click on the name with Mouse-2, or move point there and type RET, to view the documentation of that command or variable. Use C-c C-b to retrace your steps.

There are convenient commands for moving point to cross references in the help text. TAB (help-next-ref) moves point down to the next cross reference. Use S-TAB to move point up to the previous cross reference (help-previous-ref).

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