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AD.9 Dealing with Emacs Trouble

This section describes various conditions in which Emacs fails to work normally, and how to recognize them and correct them. For a list of additional problems you might encounter, see section `Bugs and problems' in GNU Emacs FAQ, and the file `etc/PROBLEMS' in the Emacs distribution. Type C-h F to read the FAQ; type C-h P to read the `PROBLEMS' file.

AD.9.1 If DEL Fails to Delete  What to do if DEL doesn't delete.
AD.9.2 Recursive Editing Levels  `[...]' in mode line around the parentheses.
AD.9.3 Garbage on the Screen  Garbage on the screen.
AD.9.4 Garbage in the Text  Garbage in the text.
AD.9.5 Spontaneous Entry to Incremental Search  Spontaneous entry to incremental search.
AD.9.6 Running out of Memory  How to cope when you run out of memory.
AD.9.7 Recovery After a Crash  Recovering editing in an Emacs session that crashed.
AD.9.8 Emergency Escape  Emergency escape--- What to do if Emacs stops responding.
AD.9.9 Help for Total Frustration  When you are at your wits' end.

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