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AE.14 Lucid Menu X Resources

If the Emacs installed at your site was built to use the X toolkit with the Lucid menu widgets, then the menu bar is a separate widget and has its own resources. The resource names contain `pane.menubar' (following, as always, the name of the Emacs invocation, or `Emacs', which stands for all Emacs invocations). Specify them like this:

Emacs.pane.menubar.resource:  value

For example, to specify the font `8x16' for the menu-bar items, write this:

Emacs.pane.menubar.font:  8x16

Resources for non-menubar toolkit pop-up menus have `menu*', in like fashion. For example, to specify the font `8x16' for the pop-up menu items, write this:

Emacs.menu*.font:	8x16

For dialog boxes, use `dialog' instead of `menu':

Emacs.dialog*.font:	8x16

Experience shows that on some systems you may need to add `shell.' before the `pane.menubar' or `menu*'. On some other systems, you must not add `shell.'.

Here is a list of the specific resources for menu bars and pop-up menus:

Font for menu item text.
Color of the foreground.
Color of the background.
In the menu bar, the color of the foreground for a selected item.
Horizontal spacing in pixels between items. Default is 3.
Vertical spacing in pixels between items. Default is 1.
Horizontal spacing between the arrow (which indicates a submenu) and the associated text. Default is 10.
Thickness of shadow line around the widget.
The margin of the menu bar, in characters. The default of 4 makes the menu bar appear like the LessTif/Motif one.

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