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U. Editing Programs

Emacs provides many features to facilitate editing programs. Some of these features can

This chapter describes these features and many more.

U.1 Major Modes for Programming Languages  Major modes for editing programs.
U.2 Top-Level Definitions, or Defuns  Commands to operate on major top-level parts of a program.
U.3 Indentation for Programs  Adjusting indentation to show the nesting.
U.5 Manipulating Comments  Inserting, killing, and aligning comments.
U.4 Commands for Editing with Parentheses  Commands that operate on parentheses.
U.6 Documentation Lookup  Getting documentation of functions you plan to call.
U.7 Hideshow minor mode  Displaying blocks selectively.
U.8 Completion for Symbol Names  Completion on symbol names of your program or language.
U.9 Glasses minor mode  Making identifiersLikeThis more readable.
U.10 Other Features Useful for Editing Programs  Other Emacs features useful for editing programs.
U.11 C and Related Modes  Special commands of C, C++, Objective-C, Java, and Pike modes.
U.12 Fortran Mode  Fortran mode and its special features.
U.13 Asm Mode  Asm mode and its special features.

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