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3.7 Redirecting Output

AutoGen provides a means for redirecting the template output to different files. It is accomplished by providing a set of Scheme functions named out-* (see section 3.4 AutoGen Scheme Functions).

`out-push (see section 3.4.27 `out-push-new' - purge and create output file)'
This allows you to logically "push" output files onto a stack.

`out-pop (see section 3.4.25 `out-pop' - close current output file)'
This function closes the current output file and resumes output to the next one in the stack.

`out-suspend (see section 3.4.29 `out-suspend' - suspend current output file)'
This function does not close the current output, but instead sets it aside for resumption with

`out-resume (see section 3.4.28 `out-resume' - resume current output file)'
This will put a named file descriptor back onto the top of stack so that it becomes the current output again.

`out-switch (see section 3.4.30 `out-switch' - close and create new output)'
This closes the current output and creates a new file, purging any preexisting one. This is a shortcut for "pop" followed by "push", but can also be done at the base level.

`out-move (see section 3.4.23 `out-move' - change name of output file)'
Renames the current output file without closing it.

There are also several functions for determining the output status. See section 3.4 AutoGen Scheme Functions.

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