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This file documents AutoGen version 5.5. It is a tool designed for generating program files that contain repetitive text with varied substitutions. This document is very long because it is intended as a reference document. For a quick start example, See section 1.2 A Simple Example. For a simple example of Automated Option processing, See section 7.2 Quick Start. For a full list of the Automated Option features, See section 7.1 AutoOpts Features.

This edition documents version 5.5, May 2003.

1. Introduction  AutoGen's Purpose
2. AutoGen Definitions File  
3. AutoGen Template  
4. Augmenting AutoGen Features  
5. Invoking autogen  Invoking AutoGen
6. Configuring and Installing  
7. Automated Option Processing  
8. Add-on packages for AutoGen  
9. Some ideas for the future.  
Concept Index  General index
Function Index  Function index

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