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7. Automated Option Processing

AutoOpts 19.0 is bundled with AutoGen. It is a tool that virtually eliminates the hassle of processing options and keeping man pages, info docs and usage text up to date. This package allows you to specify several program attributes, up to a hundred option types and many option attributes. From this, it then produces all the code necessary to parse and handle the command line and initialization file options, and the documentation that should go with your program as well.

AutoOpts is distributed under The GNU Lesser General Public License. "Lesser" meaning you have greater license with it and may link it into commercial programs.

7.1 AutoOpts Features  
7.2 Quick Start  
7.3 Option Definitions  
7.4 Programmatic Interface  
7.5 Option Descriptor File  
7.6 Using AutoOpts  
7.7 AutoOpts for Shell Scripts  
7.8 Automated Info Docs  
7.9 Automated Man Pages  

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