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7.8 Automated Info Docs

AutoOpts provides two templates for producing `.texi' documentation. `aginfo.tpl' for the invoking section, and `aginfo3.tpl' for describing exported library functions and macros.

For both types of documents, the documentation level is selected by passing a `-DLEVEL=<level-name>' argument to AutoGen when you build the document. (See the example invocation below.)

Two files will be produced, a `.texi' file and a `.menu' file. You should include the `.menu' file in your document where you wish to reference the `invoking' chapter, section or subsection.

The `.texi' file will contain an introductory paragraph, a menu and a subordinate section for the invocation usage and for each documented option. The introductory paragraph is normally the boiler plate text, along the lines of:

This chapter documents the @file{AutoOpts} generated usage text
and option meanings for the @file{your-program} program.


These are the publicly exported procedures from the libname library.
Any other functions mentioned in the header file are for the private use
of the library.

7.8.1 "invoking" info docs  
7.8.2 library info docs  

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