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5.8 load-functions option (-F)

This is the "load scheme callout library" option. This option is used to load Guile-scheme callout functions. The automatically called initialization routine scm_init must be used to register these routines or data. This routine can be generated by using the following command and the `snarf.tpl' template. Read the introductory comment in `snarf.tpl' to see what the `getdefs(1AG)' comment must contain.

First, create a config file for getdefs, and then invoke getdefs loading that file:
cat > getdefs.cfg <<EOF
subblock    exparg=arg_name,arg_desc,arg_optional,arg_list
defs-to-get gfunc
template    snarf
assign      group = name_of_some_group
assign      init  = _init

getdefs load=getdefs.cfg <<source-file-list>>

Note, however, that your functions must be named:


so you may wish to use a shorter group name.

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