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P.15 Menu Bars

You can turn display of menu bars on or off with M-x menu-bar-mode or by customizing the option menu-bar-mode. With no argument, this command toggles Menu Bar mode, a minor mode. With an argument, the command turns Menu Bar mode on if the argument is positive, off if the argument is not positive. You can use the X resource `menuBarLines' to control the initial setting of Menu Bar mode. See section AE.13 X Resources.

Expert users often turn off the menu bar, especially on text-only terminals, where this makes one additional line available for text. If the menu bar is off, you can still pop up a menu of its contents with C-Mouse-3 on a display which supports pop-up menus. See section P.5 Mouse Clicks for Menus.

See section B.4 The Menu Bar, for information on how to invoke commands with the menu bar.

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