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saving rc filessaving rc files
settable7.3.4.3 Special Option Handling
shell directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
shell options7.7 AutoOpts for Shell Scripts
shell-generated string2.2.4 Shell Output String
Signal Names6.3 Signal Names
simple definitions2.2 Named Definitions
simple example1.2 A Simple Example
Special Option Handling7.3.4.3 Special Option Handling
stack-arg7.3.4.7 Option Argument Handling
standard options7.3.7 Library of Standard Options
string, double quote2.2.2 Double Quote String
string, shell output2.2.4 Shell Output String
string, single quote2.2.3 Single Quote String

template file3. AutoGen Template
template, file name2.1 The Identification Definition
test-main7.3.2 Generated main Procedures
tpl, file name2.1 The Identification Definition

undef directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
usage7.3.3 Program Information Attributes
using AutoOpts7.6 Using AutoOpts

value7.3.4.2 Common Option Attributes
version7.3.1 Program Description Attributes

while test3.6.19 WHILE - Conditionally loop over a Template Block

XDR8.2 Combined RPC Marshalling
xml2ag invocation8.6 Invoking xml2ag
xml2ag usage8.6.1 xml2ag usage help (-?)
xml2ag-base-name8.6.6 base-name option (-b)
xml2ag-define8.6.21 define option (-D)
xml2ag-definitions8.6.7 definitions option
xml2ag-equate8.6.13 equate option
xml2ag-lib-template8.6.5 lib-template option (-l)
xml2ag-load-functions8.6.9 load-functions option (-F)
xml2ag-load-scheme8.6.8 load-scheme option (-S)
xml2ag-loop-limit8.6.15 loop-limit option
xml2ag-output8.6.2 output option (-O)
xml2ag-override-tpl8.6.4 override-tpl option (-T)
xml2ag-select-suffix8.6.11 select-suffix option (-o)
xml2ag-show-defs8.6.19 show-defs option
xml2ag-show-shell8.6.20 show-shell option
xml2ag-skip-suffix8.6.10 skip-suffix option (-s)
xml2ag-source-time8.6.12 source-time option
xml2ag-templ-dirs8.6.3 templ-dirs option (-L)
xml2ag-timeout8.6.16 timeout option (-t)
xml2ag-trace8.6.17 trace option
xml2ag-trace-out8.6.18 trace-out option
xml2ag-undefine8.6.22 undefine option (-U)
xml2ag-writable8.6.14 writable option

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