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Index Entry Section

features7.1 AutoOpts Features
finite state machine8.1 Automated Finite State Machine
flag-code7.3.4.7 Option Argument Handling
flag-proc7.3.4.7 Option Argument Handling
flags-cant7.3.4.5 Option Conflict Attributes
flags-must7.3.4.5 Option Conflict Attributes
fOptState7.4.1 Data for Option Processing
for loop3.6.13 FOR - Emit a template block multiple times
futures9. Some ideas for the future.

generated main7.3.2 Generated main Procedures
getdefs invocation8.5 Invoking getdefs
getdefs usage8.5.1 getdefs usage help
getdefs-agarg8.5.17 agarg option
getdefs-assign8.5.9 assign option
getdefs-autogen8.5.15 autogen option
getdefs-base-name8.5.18 base-name option
getdefs-common-assign8.5.10 common-assign option
getdefs-copy8.5.11 copy option
getdefs-defs-to-get8.5.2 defs-to-get option
getdefs-filelist8.5.8 filelist option
getdefs-first-index8.5.4 first-index option
getdefs-input8.5.5 input option
getdefs-linenum8.5.13 linenum option
getdefs-listattr8.5.7 listattr option
getdefs-ordering8.5.3 ordering option
getdefs-output8.5.14 output option
getdefs-srcfile8.5.12 srcfile option
getdefs-subblock8.5.6 subblock option
getdefs-template8.5.16 template option
gnu-usage7.3.3 Program Information Attributes
guile-main7.3.2 Generated main Procedures

here-string2.2.7 A Here String
homerc7.3.1 Program Description Attributes

identification2.1 The Identification Definition
if directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
if test3.6.14 IF - Conditionally Emit a Template Block
ifdef directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
ifndef directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
immed_disable7.3.4.4 Immediate Action Attributes
immediate7.3.4.4 Immediate Action Attributes
immediate action7.3.4.4 Immediate Action Attributes
include7.3.1 Program Description Attributes
include directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
information attributes7.3.3 Program Information Attributes
Installing6.4 Installing AutoGen
Introduction1. Introduction

keyword7.3.4.6 Option Argument Specification

line directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
loading rc filesloading rc files
long-opts7.3.1 Program Description Attributes
looping, for3.6.13 FOR - Emit a template block multiple times

m41.4 A User's Perspective
macro syntax3.6.1 AutoGen Macro Syntax
macro, pseudo3. AutoGen Template
main-text7.3.2 Generated main Procedures
man-doc7.3.5 Man and Info doc Attributes
max7.3.4.2 Common Option Attributes
min7.3.4.2 Common Option Attributes
must-set7.3.4.2 Common Option Attributes

name7.3.4.1 Required Attributes
named option mode7.3.1 Program Description Attributes
naming values3.2 Naming a value
native macros3.6 AutoGen Native Macros
no-preset7.3.4.3 Special Option Handling

optActualIndex7.4.1 Data for Option Processing
optActualValue7.4.1 Data for Option Processing
optIndex7.4.1 Data for Option Processing
Option Argument Handling7.3.4.7 Option Argument Handling
option argument name7.3.5 Man and Info doc Attributes
Option Arguments7.3.4.6 Option Argument Specification
option attributes7.3.4 Option Attributes
Option Conflict Attributes7.3.4.5 Option Conflict Attributes
Option Definitions7.3 Option Definitions
option descriptor7.5 Option Descriptor File
option directive2.5 Controlling What Gets Processed
option documentation7.3.5 Man and Info doc Attributes
Option Processing Data7.4.1 Data for Option Processing
optionLoadLineprocess a text string for options
optOccCt7.4.1 Data for Option Processing
opts-ptr7.3.3 Program Information Attributes
optValue7.4.1 Data for Option Processing

predefines2.6 Pre-defined Names
prefix7.3.1 Program Description Attributes
preserve-case7.3.3 Program Information Attributes
prog-desc7.3.3 Program Information Attributes
prog-info-descrip7.3.5 Man and Info doc Attributes
prog-man-descrip7.3.5 Man and Info doc Attributes
prog-name7.3.1 Program Description Attributes
prog-title7.3.1 Program Description Attributes
program attributes7.3.1 Program Description Attributes
pseudo macro3. AutoGen Template
pseudo macro3.1 Format of the Pseudo Macro
pzLastArg7.4.1 Data for Option Processing
pzProgName7.4.1 Data for Option Processing
pzProgPath7.4.1 Data for Option Processing

Quick Start7.2 Quick Start

rcfile7.3.1 Program Description Attributes
rcsection7.3.3 Program Information Attributes
Redirecting Output3.7 Redirecting Output
remote procedure call8.2 Combined RPC Marshalling
Required Attributes7.3.4.1 Required Attributes
RPC8.2 Combined RPC Marshalling
rpcgen8.2 Combined RPC Marshalling

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